Things we take for granted were once unknown or created as great inventions. Penicillin was discovered accidentally and became the first antibiotic to treat infections. The creation of the bicycle, football or TV are now in our daily life. An invention that changed the world was the light bulb and now, every night our planet glows in the dark. We invite you to make a piece of art about one of these wonders and look forward to seeing your pictures and the stories behind them. You can also create a drawing/painting of something you discovered for yourself in a hidden part of your garden or an idea that nobody has thought about.

Six age groups

  • Reception to year 2
  • Years 3 to 4
  • Years 5 to 6
  • Years 7 to 9
  • Years 10 to 11
  • Years 12 to 13

Your artwork

Your artwork should be:

  • A2 (maximum size), A3 or A4 (no bulky collage). Please note that we recommend rectangular sized and good quality paper (not A4 printer paper) as these photograph and reproduce much better for postcards and canvases.
  • Painting, drawing, mixed media, printing but not photograpy, video or 3D work.
  • Pictures should not be mounted.

Entry fee

The entry fee to the competition is £2 per picture, with a maximum of three entries per participant.


  • Take a good quality picture of your work using your phone or a camera.
  • Use our entry form to upload the JPEG or PNG image file.
  • You will be asked for your name, school, year and a short explanation of your artwork. We will also need a parent/guardian's name, e-mail and a contact phone number.
  • Finally, you will be asked to pay the entry fee after completing the form.


  • The competition will open for submissions on the 13th September 2021 and close on the 8th of February 2022.
  • The judges will decide on the shortlisted works by 22nd February 2022.
  • Only shortlisted works must be delivered by 8th March 2022 to be included in the exhibition. The drop-off point address will be emailed to the selected artists. However, if COVID restrictions remain in place by spring 2022, the competition will take place online.


The category winners will be announced at the exhibition either at the chosen venue or online. Dates and venue to be confirmed.


Judges will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each age category. The judges decision will be final.

Return of pictures

All work must be collected by 5th April 2022.

Conditions for entering the competition

If your picture is selected for the exhibition you agree to:

  • Exhibit your picture at the exhibition.
  • Allow photographs of your work to be published on our website, social media and promotional material.
  • Allow us to print your picture on postcards or canvases and sell those products for the purpose of raising money for Cancer Research UK.


High resolution images will be taken of all the artwork in the exhibition. This will be printed on merchandise that will be available to order through us.